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Senator David Perdue Contradicts Himself — Again

By Dave Oedel

This could be an awkward six years as Georgia citizens figure out who it is they really elected to the U.S. Senate.

Freshman U.S. Senator David Perdue, R. Ga., in his first speech from the well of the Senate in Washington D.C. on April 27, 2015,  said that we’re in the midst of a constitutional crisis. Why? Because, Perdue said, we have “allowed this President to run the country without Congress for the past six years.” Perdue said that, to “create a new beginning, we must get back to our founding principles, articulated in our Constitution.”

That rhetoric matched Perdue’s campaign statements, after which he handily beat Michelle Nunn, 53-45 percent, on November 6, 2014. Nunn had offered a more solicitous view of presidential authority – a view that Georgia’s voters firmly rejected.

This past week, though, Perdue again acted in apparent contradiction to his own early rhetoric when he voted to cede “fast-track” trade authority to the president.

The Macon Monitor already noted in prior editions … Continue Reading

Two Macon Brothers Speak About Gang Affiliation


The Macon Monitor met this week with two Macon-Bibb citizens who acknowledge gang affiliations, but who dispute the perception by many public officials and members of the public that gangs and gang affiliations are themselves the major cause of violent crime in Macon-Bibb. G-Rell, 30, is affiliated with the Crips, and wore blue clothing to our meeting at a Unity-N-Community office.  Johntellis Mathis, 27, is affiliated with the Blacc Team, and wore black clothing. Both are affiliations common in their respective neighborhoods. Mathis joined the conversation later.

Monitor: How long have you been affiliated with a gang?

G-Rell: Since I was about 10. But it’s not what you think, all fighting and shooting and such. It’s a brotherhood. And it’s also about … Continue Reading

Why Allen Peake Lost the Majority Leader Position, and What that Might Mean Going Forward for Peake

By Dave Oedel

Georgia House Representative Allen Peake from Macon lost the majority leader position by a reported 69-44 vote of the majority Republican caucus on Monday, May 11, 2015 under the Gold Dome in Atlanta.  Jon Burns from Newington in rural far-east Georgia prevailed. Peake was seeking to move up from the secretary/treasurer position, a position Peake relinquished to run for majority leader. The leader’s spot is being vacated by Larry O’Neal from Bonaire, also in Middle Georgia. O’Neal has resigned to assume an appointment by the governor to a position as a leading administrative law judge on tax matters. Bruce Williamson of the city of Monroe won Peake’s old slot as secretary-treasurer.

In effect, Middle Georgia’s clout in the legislature, with O’Neal retiring and Peake losing, took a double hit.

However, Peake’s loss wasn’t surprising. Peake’s reputation … Continue Reading

Senator David Perdue Defends His Votes on Enabling Iran With Nuclear Capabilities


By David Oedel

Last week, the Macon Monitor called attention to Middle Georgia’s freshman U.S. Senator David Perdue’s votes favoring the Obama administration’s preferred approach to dealing with the Iranians. Iran is driving to lift U.S. economic sanctions while ensuring continued development of Iranian nuclear capabilities. The Monitor pointed out that Perdue’s position seemed to be at odds with his first major speech from the Senate floor only days before. In that speech, Perdue railed at Obama’s unconstitutional usurpation of power.

In response to the Monitor’s coverage, Perdue’s press secretary Mark Bednar pointed out to the Monitor this week that the Senator has offered a defense of his votes.  In short, Perdue now declares … Continue Reading

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