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Macon Monitor Editor Dave Oedel

The Macon Monitor is an experimental online platform for weekly exchange among Middle Georgia citizens, existing news media organizations and new-form journalists in various media.  The goal is to provide a platform not only for traditional journalism about Middle Georgia through written accounts and stories, but also for comments, longer-form commentary, photo journalism, audio, traditional video, video art, drawings, cartoons, rap, music, poetry, you name it.  Let your imagination run.  The primary limitation is that our sponsored content has to relate specifically to issues of particular resonance in Middle Georgia.

The Macon Monitor’s plan is to pay for all original, copyrightable, published content, however modest the pay, out of genuine respect for and encouragement of the labors of an emerging generation of digerati journalists.  May these fresh faces, whether young or more experienced, find ways to thrive in a post-paper media world.  We are here in part to help them, and we invite our readers to join us in encouraging them to be creative in the conversation about our community.

In its experimental start-up phase, start-up costs of the Macon Monitor will be subsidized, and the environment will be ad-free.  For backers interested in facilitating the Macon Monitor’s general concept by encouraging broader discussion about events and issues in Middle Georgia, while providing new digerati journalists with a platform and at least nominal pay, please join other backers in a publishers’ round-table oversight group.  For details, please contact davidoedel@maconmonitor.com.  As a member of the round table, you will be invited to bring your own wisdom to the table, and help guide this fledgling venture.

To participate in providing or suggesting items, stories, commentary or content of whatever type, including confidential news tips, contact submissions@maconmonitor.com.


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