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Send your ideas or proposed content for possible inclusion on the Macon Monitor platform to submissions@maconmonitor.com.

As an experimental online platform for exchange among Middle Georgia citizens, existing news media organizations and new-form journalists in various media, the Macon Monitor is truly open to content providers of all types.  The goal is to provide a platform not only for traditional journalism through written accounts and stories, but also for other items, including comments, longer-form commentary, photos and photo journalism, audio, traditional video, video art, drawings, cartoons, rap, music, poetry, you name it.  Let your imagination run.  The primary limitation is that our sponsored content has to relate specifically to issues of particular resonance in Middle Georgia.

Participation as a content-provider of original copyrightable work selected for publication in the Macon Monitor will be paid, if modestly due to an unpredictable financial model at present.  To repeat, every provider of an original copyrightable work formally selected for publication in the Macon Monitor by the editors will be paid at least something, even if the sum paid does not fully reflect the true and enduring value of the work published.  This is an unusual feature for any online or legacy print publication in Middle Georgia in the present media era.

Let’s grow together.  Please send us your ideas and submissions, and enjoy an expanding conversation on the Macon Monitor platform.


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